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Better care and outcomes at a much lower cost 

Traditional health plans are becoming more expensive and less effective. Our plan drives cost savings through utilization reduction, network navigation, lower administrative fees, and reduced pharmacy spend. We built this unique benefit with proactive care at the center, powered by intuitive technology, and designed for any individual. 
Illustration of Firefly's care model.
Illustration of Firefly's care model.

Get absolute care and coverage for your employees

Health plan members are often left on their own to navigate a broken, fragmented delivery system. That’s why we developed a comprehensive healthcare solution, backed by care teams that actually care. Firefly Health’s trusted virtual and in-person clinical network gives members 24/7 access to quality healthcare when and where you need it, without breaking the bank, and with a seamless member experience your employees will love.

Easy-to-understand plan coverage

24/7 support for benefits and care

Personalized, physician-led care team

Virtual-first primary and behavioral health care

Integrated network for specialty & in-person needs

Intuitive app for same day video visits and live chat

Guided navigation to top-rated, low-cost partners

Fast prescription refills and referrals

Health Practitioner on app

Our virtual-first care model drives real results

When healthcare is an ongoing relationship between patients and physicians, it leads to higher engagement, better patient outcomes, and greater savings for businesses and individuals. Firefly members can connect with their personal care team through chat or video at any time, without the hassle of scheduling an office visit or wasting time in a waiting room. 


of members engage with Firefly on a weekly basis


cost reduction per member per month (PMPM) for employers


Net Promoter Score for Firefly members


of patients follow our guidance for specialist or in-person care


of hypertension and diabetes patients are ‘in control’


post-visit Customer Satisfaction Score

It's primary care that looks at my whole self. They're saying, 'We’re the experts in healthcare, but you're the expert in your body. Did that fix it? Did it not fix it?' The proactive outreach is huge.
Firefly Member
My old doctor said, ‘Yeah, we can totally see you…in two and a half months.’ I thought, ‘So what do I do until then?’ I looked around and found Firefly. They saw me the same day with a virtual appointment.
Firefly Member
Firefly's on the tech frontier without losing the human factor. There's an actual person on the other end. I don't have to hop in the car, go down there and have somebody hit my knee with a hammer.
Firefly Member
For someone with anxiety, it can be hard to reach out and get care for myself. It's easy to send a message about what’s going on and get a quick response back from my Firefly team.
Firefly Member
30 minutes after I got to the ER on a Saturday night, I get a message from Dr. Greenberg saying, 'What's going on?' My mind was blown. I started crying like, 'Oh my God, I have a doctor!’
Firefly Member
It's hard to be sick and have to go see a doctor in person. I love getting a response back in that moment I'm not feeling well. I’ve really appreciated the real-time communication with Firefly.
Firefly Member

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