For Employers

An intelligent, comprehensive solution

We help employees make smart choices about their physical and mental health. Our team-based approach uses technology to connect your employees with the right care, whenever and however they need it.

Holistic care for wellness, chronic conditions, and behavioral health
Same-day appointments
24/7 chat for prescriptions, care questions, and referrals
Informed referrals to specialists
Help meeting health goals
Virtual visits
More 1-1 time with care providers

Take control of your healthcare costs

For self-insured employers, we can track patient outcomes and claims spend across depression, anxiety, diabetes, and hypertension so you can better understand the physical and financial health of your company. 

We’ll use these findings to provide recommendations on how you can reduce overall healthcare spend. The savings alone can cover your PEPM costs.


Firefly patients are engaging in an unprecedented way


of Firefly patients engage on a weekly basis


of Firefly patients have interacted via in-app chat and care plans


satisfaction rating in Firefly
post-visit surveys


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