A health plan that leads with quality care

We believe in conversation-driven healthcare, supported by an affordable coverage plan, so your employees and your business can thrive. Our model encourages ongoing engagement, leading to better health outcomes, which lowers costs.

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Delivering optimal outcomes at scale

At Firefly Health, our health plan is designed to deliver clinical, financial and experiential outcomes. As an accountable care plan, we can help your organization address increasing healthcare costs by delivering highly-engaging experiences and improving member health.

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Firefly’s model creates trust with our members, leading them to reach out when they need care guidance or a referral.


of patients follow our guidance for specialist or in-person care

Lower administration fees

Firefly includes a partnership with a high-value third-party administrator (TPA) that pays most claims within 92 hours.


cost reduction per member per month (PMPM) for employers

Lower pharmacy spend

Firefly has partnered with Capital Rx as their transparent pricing model allows you and your employees to get the best deals.


estimated savings on prescription costs in the first year

Improved clinical outcomes

Firefly has created robust clinical programs to better manage the most common (and most costly) chronic conditions.


of hypertension and diabetes patients are ‘in control’

A comprehensive care and coverage solution

Here’s what you can expect with our Firefly Health Plan.

Proactive ongoing care

Our model focuses on proven team-based, personalized care (including behavioral health) that leads to better management of chronic disease, promotes total wellbeing, and prevents costly complications.

Curated clinical network

Curated clinical network: By leading with virtual care and directing in-person care to our trusted high-value partners, we help you and your employees save money over traditional plans.

Innovative, easy-to-use technology

We’ve built a world-class proprietary CRM and mobile app experience for real time clinical outcome tracking and detailed analytics to manage risk.

Seamless engaging member experience

We provide educational enrollment resources such as webinars, demos, and welcome kits to ensure employees have the continued support they need.

It's primary care that looks at my whole self. They're saying, 'We’re the experts in healthcare, but you're the expert in your body. Did that fix it? Did it not fix it?' The proactive outreach is huge.
Firefly Member
My old doctor said, ‘Yeah, we can totally see you…in two and a half months.’ I thought, ‘So what do I do until then?’ I looked around and found Firefly. They saw me the same day with a virtual appointment.
Firefly Member
Firefly's on the tech frontier without losing the human factor. There's an actual person on the other end. I don't have to hop in the car, go down there and have somebody hit my knee with a hammer.
Firefly Member
For someone with anxiety, it can be hard to reach out and get care for myself. It's easy to send a message about what’s going on and get a quick response back from my Firefly team.
Firefly Member
30 minutes after I got to the ER on a Saturday night, I get a message from Dr. Greenberg saying, 'What's going on?' My mind was blown. I started crying like, 'Oh my God, I have a doctor!’
Firefly Member
It's hard to be sick and have to go see a doctor in person. I love getting a response back in that moment I'm not feeling well. I’ve really appreciated the real-time communication with Firefly.
Firefly Member

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