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Healthcare is fundamentally broken. In fact, the current model of care hasn't evolved since the mid-20th century, when infectious diseases and traumatic injuries were the biggest threats to human health. Now, it's chronic conditions like anxiety, high blood pressure and diabetes that affect most people. These require ongoing care and behavioral adjustments, not just yearly check-ups. Our risks have evolved, but the system has not.

We're fixing that for those who feel the most pain: businesses and individuals. It all starts by breaking down the barriers between primary care, behavioral health, and specialty care to create an experience that is unrivaled in healthcare (or any other industry). That unique experience is supportive, proactive, astoundingly convenient, and powered by a personalized care team that works tirelessly on your behalf.

More often than not, you’re on your own to make decisions about your care. We earn the right to be the first place you turn, helping you navigate our byzantine health care system. This is more than just sending you a referral; it’s care whenever, wherever and however you need it, immediate virtual specialist consults, and seamless access to lab, imaging and digital health partners without a daunting stack of forms to complete. And when you make the right decisions about your care, you reap the financial rewards, not your insurance company.

The result is empathy-driven virtual primary care, administered by a world-class clinical team and network of trusted clinical partners, powered by intuitive technology and (finally) built around people. Our mission is to assemble and deploy a half-priced healthcare benefit that members find clinically and spiritually superior. Simply put, it’s the care you deserve.


Meet the Firefly Health team


Cynthia Fisher

Founder & Former CEO

William Frist, MD

U.S. Senate
Former Majority Leader

David Moen

MoenMD Consulting

Sachin Jain

SCAN Heath Plan

David Cutler, PhD

Harvard University
Professor of Economics

Jeffrey Flier

Harvard Medical School
Dean Emeritus

Soheyla Gharib, MD

Harvard University Health Services
Chief Medical Officer


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