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Today, traditional health plans leave members on their own to navigate a broken, fragmented delivery system. Members are faced with a long list of providers that are difficult to reach and impossible to schedule. Plan coverage is typically indecipherable, leaving many to forgo seeking care unless it's an emergency. The average consumer expects a virtual-first experience, yet many in healthcare still operate within a bricks-and-mortar and call center system with extremely long wait times. Costs continue to skyrocket due to an outdated, transactional financial model.

We're fixing healthcare for those that feel the most pain: businesses and individuals. It starts by breaking down the barriers between primary care, specialty care, and plan coverage to create a frictionless virtual-first experience that is unrivaled in any industry. The result is a new kind of health plan, built with empathy-driven care at the center, powered by intuitive technology, and designed for any and all members. Simply put, it's the care-based coverage we all deserve.

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