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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is collaborating with Firefly Health, an independent healthcare company, to offer you virtual primary care services. Medical issues, emotional well-being, healthy habits — Firefly is here for all of it.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Firefly Health is an independent primary care provider and is not affiliated with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Expect more from primary care 

When you sign up with us, your Firefly care team becomes your new primary care provider (PCP). We’re virtual and that has a lot of advantages.

Care that’s always on

From joint pain to high blood pressure, anxiety to healthy eating, your care team is here for you during visits — and between them too.

Ridiculous convenience

We come to you through video calls and chat. No traffic, no waiting rooms. Just 24/7 access to your care team, wherever you are.

Specialists made easy

We put in the referrals and work closely with your other doctors to coordinate your care. Looking for a new specialist? We’ll find you one.

Complete support

You’re not on your own anymore. Prescriptions, labs, imaging? We guide you to the care you need and solve any issues along the way.

A team approach to better health

Your health happens between doctor visits, not at them. So instead of yearly appointments, your Firefly care team delivers ongoing support. And of course, all Firefly providers are fully licensed. You choose your care team when you sign up.
Care team with patient

Primary care doctor

Every team needs a steady hand to show the way. Your Firefly doctor coordinates and personalizes your care to meet your specific needs.

Nurse practitioner (NP)

Your NP will be the first to hop on a video call or answer your chats, so you’ll feel known and supported no matter what comes up.

Health guide

From healthier eating to lowering stress, your health guide is here for you. With practical tips and positive support, you’ll feel empowered to be your healthiest you.

Behavioral health specialist

Your licensed behavioral health specialist will assess your concerns, create a plan, and check your progress along the way.

Wondering about the cost?

Yes, you can still get 
in-person care

When you need hands-on primary care, like listening to your heart or lungs, we have you covered. We guide you to one of our urgent care partners and work together to support you.

And for specialists, imaging, and labs? We’re happy to work with your current providers or connect you with one of our partners, including Joslin Diabetes Center and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. We’ll take care of the referral and make sure your care is easy and coordinated.
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Frequently asked questions

What are my costs to use Firefly through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts?

Your cost depends on the type of plan you have. To determine your plan type and cost, log in to your MyBlue account or review your plan benefit documents for details. 

Please note, if you are on an HMO Plan, you’ll first choose a Firefly provider as your PCP through Blue Cross MA's app/platform/system and then designate that doctor as your PCP with your health plan.

Can I still see my current primary care provider (PCP)?

No, because your Firefly care team becomes your new PCP. We’ll help get your medical records from your current doctor. You can keep your specialists though.

Is virtual care as good as in-person care?

It’s not about one versus the other. Sometimes, you absolutely need hands-on care. But very often, you don’t. Going virtual means you avoid a lot of hassle. Like waiting weeks for an appointment, juggling time off from work, or a million other things that get in the way of seeing your doctor.

In-person care that you can’t actually get, well, that isn’t care at all. Virtual care offers you a team wherever and whenever you need it. Firefly takes the best ideas from the in-person way of doing things and builds on them to give you more complete healthcare that fits your life.

What health issues can Firefly treat virtually?

Your virtual care team can manage almost all your primary care needs without in-person visits. Colds and flu, stomach problems, back pain, headaches, allergies? Yes. Women’s health concerns? Of course. Chronic conditions like asthma, high blood pressure, and diabetes? You bet. Anxiety, depression, and stress? Yes, yes, and yes. 

It’s amazing how many office visits you can skip. And how much more you can do when your team is ready and waiting right on your phone. 

What should I do in an emergency?

If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

If it’s not life threatening, we’ll guide you where you need to go. You can message your Firefly care team weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. You’ll get a response within 15 minutes. If it's after hours, tap the After-Hours Emergency banner in the app to contact us. An on-call Firefly provider will call you within 30 minutes.

Can my kids use Firefly?

No. Only members 18 and older can sign up for Firefly.

It's primary care that looks at my whole self. They're saying, 'We’re the experts in healthcare, but you're the expert in your body. Did that fix it? Did it not fix it?' The proactive outreach is huge.
Firefly Member
My old doctor said, ‘Yeah, we can totally see you…in two and a half months.’ I thought, ‘So what do I do until then?’ I looked around and found Firefly. They saw me the same day with a virtual appointment.
Firefly Member
Firefly's on the tech frontier without losing the human factor. There's an actual person on the other end. I don't have to hop in the car, go down there and have somebody hit my knee with a hammer.
Firefly Member
For someone with anxiety, it can be hard to reach out and get care for myself. It's easy to send a message about what’s going on and get a quick response back from my Firefly team.
Firefly Member
30 minutes after I got to the ER on a Saturday night, I get a message from Dr. Greenberg saying, 'What's going on?' My mind was blown. I started crying like, 'Oh my God, I have a doctor!’
Firefly Member
It's hard to be sick and have to go see a doctor in person. I love getting a response back in that moment I'm not feeling well. I’ve really appreciated the real-time communication with Firefly.
Firefly Member

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