Controlled Substances

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for questions about controlled substances and how to get the treatment you need.

What are controlled substances?

They’re prescription medications or other substances that the government has very strict rules around prescribing. That’s because they can easily lead to addiction and other issues. Opioids and benzodiazepines are common examples of controlled medications.

Can Firefly prescribe opioids and other controlled substances?

It depends. In some states, doctors can prescribe controlled substances only after an in-person visit. Because we’re virtual, we can’t prescribe these medications in those states. But we will work closely with you to make sure you get the right care.

In states where we can prescribe these medications, we first have to get very clear on the medical need for them. That could take several video visits. Once we do that, we’ll discuss treatment options, which may include safer alternatives.

Firefly can prescribe controlled substances in my state. Why can’t I chat you for a prescription?

Because these are powerful medications and we need to be sure that it’s the best, safest treatment for you. We can’t do that in a quick chat. Even if you’ve had visits with us for other reasons, we need to understand this particular issue in detail.

I already have a prescription from another provider. Can’t you just give me a refill?

No, we still need to understand why you need the medication. While we do that, you may want to talk to your current doctor about getting a short-term refill.

What if I need a controlled substance but you can’t prescribe one in my state?

During our visit with you, we’ll see if there might be other non-controlled treatments. If you feel there’s no other option that works for you, then you may need to choose a different PCP. We can help you find one in your area.