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How confident are your employees about returning to work?

"We have seen lots of surveys and apps, but Firefly Health is the only company that combines a virtual and mobile technology model with a care team that supports people in real time."

– Mick Rodgers, CEO, Axial Benefits Group
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Continuous, proactive care to support your reopening

Our clinicians work directly with your employees to create personalized back-to-work plans

COVID-19 assessments and guidance based on risk

Behavioral health assessments and advice for stress reduction and self-care

Daily proactive screening based on the best available science and advances in testing

Evaluation, treatment, and daily support for those who test positive for COVID-19

Data-driven insights to guide your decisions

Get a real-time view into each stage of your reopening program and the status of your employees

Employees who have been cleared for work

Stratification of patients at risk of developing COVID-19 infection and complications

Employees awaiting testing


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