Prescriptions & Costs

How to get prescription drugs

We’re partnered with Capital Rx for your plan’s drug benefits because they use fair pricing to ensure the best possible savings.

Know your drug costs

In our drug list, each medication has a tier. Tiers are just a way to group drugs based on their cost.

tier 1

Generic Drugs

Same medicine as brand drugs, lower cost
You pay: just your copay (flat fee)

tier 2

Preferred Brand Drugs

Brand name, moderate cost
You pay: a percentage of the drug cost

tier 3

Non-Preferred Brand Drugs

Brand name, most costly
You pay: a percentage of the drug cost

Looking for a specific drug?

Check if your medications are in our covered drug list.
Note: Your plan may not cover every drug in this list. Call or chat with us in the Firefly Health app to confirm your coverage and costs.

Fill a prescription

Most pharmacies — national chains and local stores — are in the Capital Rx network (you can always contact us to be sure). So go ahead and fill your prescriptions like you normally do. Just make sure your pharmacy has your Firefly member ID info.

Pro Tip

Choose Firefly as your PCP and get quick prescription refills in the Firefly Health app.
Conversation with doctor in the app
Medication delivery to your door

Medications delivered right to your door

If you take certain medications every day — like drugs for high blood pressure or cholesterol — mail order might be just what you need. It's easy and delivery is free. Chat with us in the app or call us at 1-888-897-1887 to get started.