September 23, 2020

Reflections, Evolutions and Our New CEO

I am excited to announce that current Firefly Health President, Fay Rotenberg, will become our new CEO as I step into the role of Chief Clinical Officer. As President, Fay has made tremendous contributions to our organization. This transition puts Firefly Health in the strongest possible position to execute against our long-term strategy of providing affordable healthcare while delivering exceptional service through our supreme convenience, proactive support, and intelligent navigation. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished in the last two years, and I cannot wait to see what we build together in the years to come.

Earlier this week, I let our entire team know of this important leadership transition. Below is the central piece of that email.

Dear Team,

Firefly is starting an ambitious expansion of an already ambitious plan. A few months ago, with this expansion in mind, I informed the board that I was interested in transitioning out of the role of CEO. I am delighted to share the news that [current Firefly President] Fay [Rotenberg] will take the helm of Firefly as our next CEO. I am assuming the role of Chief Clinical Officer. In that role, working closely with the clinical, technology, design and marketing teams, I’ll be responsible for completing the buildout of the full Firefly service and optimizing the patient and clinician experience that drives our outcomes.

For me, Firefly started as a feeling as much as an idea. I felt deep in my bones that everyone in the world deserves much better healthcare. I was angry and frustrated that, despite the unprecedented concentration of wealth and talent here in the ostensible healthcare capital of the world, we were continuing to waste so much time and money on a manifestly bankrupt approach to service delivery. I didn’t want to be part of it anymore.

Together, co-founder Jeff Greenberg, Fay and all of us have built the foundation of a care model, technology platform and business that will play a pivotal role in changing healthcare—and by doing so, change the world. While there is so much more we can and must do to achieve our mission, I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished together so far.

The ways in which Fay has played critical roles at key moments for us are too numerous to count. It became clear to me this summer that the company and my family needed me in a different role, and after evaluating candidates (internal and external to Firefly), it was equally clear to me and the Board of Directors that Fay was the right person to lead us.  She combines a deep connection to and part in creating our history with a bold and inspiring vision for our future and the ability to realize it. Most crucially, she is a brilliant, incisive, strong and deeply caring leader with enormous integrity. Put more simply, I trust her.

I’d be lying if I said that this decision and transition have been easy for me. Assembling and leading this band of characters, and building V1 of our model and company, have been among my greatest professional joys. But I am certain that this is the right thing for us as we enter this next phase. Transitioning out of the CEO seat allows me to focus on the areas of Firefly-building where I can contribute the most—building out our service model and clinical org, as well as writing and speaking on our behalf. More importantly, I couldn’t be more confident to be turning over the keys to this rocket ship to Fay, who has the vision, leadership skill and grit to take us to the moon and well beyond.

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