June 21, 2022

How Firefly Marries Virtual and In-Person Care

As a health plan and virtual-first care innovator, Firefly Health knows there will be moments in time where members will need to access physical facilities for evaluation, testing, or treatment. When those moments come about, we know the type of care and accessibility needs to mirror the virtual-first experience Firefly offers members. Local care designed with community in mind is the best compliment to readily accessible virtual-first care. 

Expanding access and reducing costs

For many Firefly members, the most familiar, accessible option for in-person care is MinuteClinic at CVS. Firefly is pleased to announce an agreement with MinuteClinic to enable Firefly members to receive in-person services at no cost to them. Through this arrangement, Firefly providers can refer members to any MinuteClinic across the United States. Firefly will issue the member a voucher that ensures that care will be paid for by Firefly, with no charge to them.

“Virtual care provides essential convenience to patients and trusting longitudinal relationships with primary care. However, there are clearly times when patients require in-person care, whether for testing, necessary physical exams, or procedures.” said Jeff Greenberg, MD, Co-Founder and Chief Network Officer for Firefly Health. “Local provider options like MinuteClinic ensure that patients have quick, quality care available when they need to see someone in person, and with Firefly, members have the added benefit of seamless communication between their virtual and physical care teams.”

With easy MinuteClinic access, Firefly members can see nurse practitioners and physician assistants to diagnose and treat a wide variety of common conditions, plus wellness services like vaccinations. A full list of all available services at MinuteClinic locations can be found here.

Ensuring convenience and connectivity

Because of MinuteClinic’s investment in a seamless technological experience for patients, Firefly members will be guided to the most convenient MinuteClinic location to make their appointment and they don’t lose their connection to their core Firefly team when they visit MinuteClinic. Virtual care capabilities enable a member of their care team to be present during their visit if necessary or if the patient wants additional support.

”We are excited to be expanding our relationship with Firefly for our patients across the country,” said Dr. David Fairchild, Chief Medical Officer, MinuteClinic and Associate Chief Medical Officer, CVS Health. “Through collaborations such as this, we are helping to expand high-quality access to patients in their local community.” 

Crucially, the data from the MinuteClinic electronic medical record (EMR) will be shared directly with Firefly, ensuring a complete patient record and seamless care experience for Firefly patients. Patients no longer have to worry about the potential disconnect of getting important in-person care, like their annual flu shot, and having that information missing from their patient record. That connectivity ensures that a patient’s care team is up to date with their medical history so future visits are timely and focused.

We are all here to help

The Firefly care team that each patient is assigned includes a doctor, nurse practitioner, behavioral health specialist, and a health guide that are the patient’s regular primary care providers. In 90% of cases, Firefly Health is able to respond virtually to patient needs in 15 minutes or less, however when in-person care is needed, we will proudly guide our patients to a local MinuteClinic for trusted and seamless support.

If you have questions, always reach out to your care team through the Firefly app. Not a member yet? Get started by signing up below, or call us at (855) 869-9284 to see if Firefly is right for you.

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