How it works

Easy access to care that knows you

With Firefly, you’ll get an experienced, physician-led primary care and behavioral health team that knows you and responds within minutes, not days or weeks.

1 Get Your Team

Your team includes a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, health guide and behavioral health specialist. They're available 24/7 and constantly working  to provide the best care for your unique needs.
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  • Choose your physician-led team
  • Message your team anytime
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2 Make a Plan

Together, we'll build a shared understanding of your holistic health and goals. Then, using the best science, we'll plan realistic and achievable next steps.
  • Complete your Firefly Health Assessment
  • Discover personalized health opportunities
  • Connect with expert specialists
Build your firefly health plan

3 Journey Forth

Armed with your plan, your health is no longer a once-a-year, pass/fail test, but a convenient and ongoing dialogue with a small, physician-led care team that knows you.
  • Set up regular video or chat check ins
  • Adjust your plan based on new insights
  • Reach out to us anytime for anything
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