Frequently asked questions

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How firefly works

What is Virtual Primary Care, anyways?
What medical needs does Firefly address?
What if I need to see a provider in person?
What do I do in an emergency?
Can I keep my current Primary Care Provider (PCP) if I sign up for Firefly?
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Care teams

What is a Firefly care team?
What is the role of a Nurse Practitioner (NP) at Firefly?
What is the role of a Medical Doctor (MD)?
What is the role of a Health Guide?
What is the role of a Behavioral Health Specialist?
Will I talk to my personal care team every time?
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Billing & insurance

What does it cost to use Firefly Health?
Are there membership fees or extra costs?
Does Firefly Health take my insurance?
Do you accept Medicare and Medicaid?
What happens if I'm a Firefly patient and I "age in" to Medicare?
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What to expect

How do I schedule an appointment?
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How do I get the Firefly Health mobile app?
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Do I need a phone or computer with a camera to use Firefly?
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Will Firefly share my data with other parties?
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What if I decide Firefly Health isn't for me?
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How does Firefly check my vitals?
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